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Product Description


Complete range of Professional Immersion Blenders: enables food-processing in containers of up to 200-litre capacity.

Versatile range: allows various combinations depending on the user’s requirements.

Power range from 250 to 750W.

Liquidiser arms range from 290 to 600mm long and beater arm.

Liquidiser suitable for pureeing (vegetables, potatoes, soups, etc.) or preparing creams (onion, pepper, tomato, confectionery, etc.) and all sorts of sauces.

Beater for whipping cream or preparing meringue, chantilly, mayonnaise and Genovese sauce, omelettes, pancake batter, soufflés, etc.

TR/BM-350: intelligent speed control system, obtaining the maximum performance of the motor all the time.Manufactured from durable top quality materials.Stainless steel arm attachments.Ergonomic design.Easy to use and clean.NSF listed, Standard 8 compliant.