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PT. ELS Indonesia Prima has established since 2001 as an authorized distributor for Electrolux Laundry System, food service supplier, instalation, maintanence, and spare parts. Together with our highly-qualified manufacturer, we are commited to provide our customers with a good quality of products and services. Our objective is to assist our customer’s needs and deliver solution to achieve the optimal value.

We have a complete ranges of product for any specific requirement  to meets our customers needs such as Hotels, Restaurants, Hospital, Garment Industries, Manufacturing Plant in House Laundry, Off-shore Oil Operation, Shipping/Marine, Goverment, Laundry and Dry Cleaning Shop, etc.

By focusing on the segmented market, we were being able to recognize the strategic opportunities, and to provide them with value-added consulting assistance. Our experience proves that we put the best services to maximize the objectives of our clients consistently.

Our business valuation process includes site visits, market and industry research, instalation, after sales services, etc.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to create your kitchen and laundry system for greater profitability, also as our mission is to help clients to set up their business in a proper way.