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Make your customer happy – discover the benefits of Electrolux Professional finishing equipment

Published date: 2015-04-06

Finishing – an important last step in the laundry process.

Your laundry operation is unique. It has demands in terms of quality, output and types of garments and textiles to be processed. If not done efficiently, finishing can be expensive and time-consuming.

A customised finishing solution that meet the specific requirements of your laundry operation is the answer.

To support your operation, we also offer total laundry solutions. We can help with everything from dimensioning and installation to training and preventive maintenance. All of this, to optimise your laundry operation.

We offer a complete range of professional finishing equipment for processing trousers, including presses (manual and air operated), professional finishing tables and trouser conditioners, blown finishers, collar and cuff presses, cabinet sleeves and cabinet shirt presses and multi-finishers.

Additionally, Electrolux Professional spotting units guarantee efficient stain removal and ensure your customers nice and clean garments.

Let us help you increase output and ensure quality by finding the perfect finishing solution according to your specific needs.