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High-tech equipment, outstanding service quality for your Hospitality Laundry

Published date: 2015-04-14

There are plenty of compelling reasons why hotels keep their laundry solutions in-house. Why not entrust the cleaning of your terry towel, bed linen, tablecloths and napkins to the professionals instead of outsourcing? A value that means more savings and higher quality. The Electrolux Professional in-house laundry solution offers:

  • Noticeably better textile quality for your guests
  • Quick return on investment through low running costs and lowest cost per wash
  • Significant savings all round – in terms of energy, water, detergent and time
    • an innovative, eco-friendly cleaning service for your guests
    • a space savings terry towel laundry
    • a complete in-house laundry solution giving you full control of every part of the process

 Power Balance for trouble –free and more silent operation.

  • Maximum dewatering
  • Increased machine lifetime
  • Less noise from vibrations

Real-time monitoring of unbalance and adjustment of G-force throughout the entire extraction sequence.

  • Extra savings in drying due to most efficient dewatering with increased G-factor

Enables more silent operation